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Oct 12 2018

With over 40 years experience we are trusted by all the major event organisers and suppliers for temporary power and air conditioning.  Check out our latest case studies.

Oct 09 2018

We carried out a complex of works on delivery, installation and commissioning air conditioning systems total number of internal units 130 pieces, outdoor blocks-13 pieces.

Oct 04 2018

The company has established a demonstration and training Hall with the technique. A training centre was established for the preparation and improvement of professional skill of employees of companies engaged in designing, installing and servicing.

Oct 02 2018

Underground shopping center with a total area of about 4 500 m2 is equipped with VRV air-conditioning system with centralized management. The project was completed by our specialists, was made a supply and installation of air conditioning systems.

Most Asked Questions

01. How does an air conditioner work?

An air conditioner seems as if it cools your home’s air, but in reality an air conditioner makes your home less warm by removing heat from the indoor air and transferring that heat to the outdoor air. Heat is extracted from the home by passing indoor air across a refrigerant coil.

02. What does it mean when my A/C freezes up?
03. What size air conditioner do I need?
04. What do all those air conditioner?
05. What is a heat pump?
06. Why does my air conditioner keep running?

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