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Areas Covered

We'll create comfortable conditions in any area. In the restaurant, hotel, hospital, bank or house - everywhere you can always rely on our services.

Our air conditioners are supporting comfortable energy efficient solutions for living rooms, bedrooms, a study, and other rooms at home.

Heat pumps are designed to work under very low and very high temperatures of external air, so you can always count on ideal climate in your house.  

Energy efficient systems for heating, ventilation and air-conditioning in commercial premises are universal enough to satisfy different requirements.

The company offers cheap and effective solutions in systems of air conditioning, ventilation, heating and DHW systems for hotels.

The company offers a full range of products that allow your customers to feel welcome in your store.

Individual office solutions provide you with full control over energy consumption, allowing you to create the ideal working conditions.

Air Conditioners & Coolers

We’ll easily cope with planning


Our specialists are ready to perform the planning of conditioning and ventilation sections of such objects as business centers, hypermarkets, hotels, shopping, exhibitions and  industrial buildings.

You can be sure in our maintenance


The main task of the maintenance is ensuring perfect work of climatic systems, prevention of their consumer qualities, reducing the probability of occurrence of breakages and increasing the lifetime.

Construction of high quality


We'll provide professional installation, in compliance with all standards, using only the highest quality consumables and professional equipment!

Important stage of comissioning


Commissioning is the final and very important stage in the process of establishing internal engineering systems of buildings and structures.

Beat the Heat During

the Extremely Hot Summer!

Our heat pumps even got an award for the best heat transfer way, because the heat obtained through recovery of air conditioning, is not pumped into the atmosphere and is wasted.

What We Offer

A wide

Our wide range means that you can always choose for your home solutions in the appropriate style.


Advanced inverter technology and heat pump technology offer the greatest energy-efficient.

Individual management

For setting the required temperature in the premises, where it is needed, you can manage each of the blocks.